Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Madonna... err... Esther, marks Rosh Hashanah Ba'Aretz

Well, in case you haven't already heard, seen or viewed it, the Material Girl and hubby Guy Ritchie swept down on Israel this past week with their Hollywood Kabbalist posse (Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore) in tow.

Madonna, who now also goes by the Hebrew name Esther, met with President Shimon Peres to ring in the Jewish New Year and talk about fostering peace in the region. Peres reportedly gave her a copy of the Old Testament as a gift and in return, MadonEsther was said to have given him a copy of the Book of Splendor. Oh yeah, and she also proclaimed herself "an ambassador for Judaism." Perhaps they'll give her an office in the Knesset.

Though not Jewish, Madonna/Esther has been a devout follower of the Kabbalah since 1997, when, attracted by the mysticism of the practice, she joined the Los Angeles Kabbalah Center.

Back in March, reports out of Israel had her looking to buy a mansion in Rosh Pinah, a revered site for Kabbalists where it is said the Messiah will return at the end of the world.

Could Madge be looking to make aliyah? Will she convert? Does anyone really care?

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