Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Starbucks or Recycling: which word makes for a catchier headline?

In this week's CJN, the theme of the community focus supplement is the environment. I'm pretty happy about this, because one, I'm a fan of the environment, and two, it gives this post some relevance.

My biggest vice is Starbucks. I feel comfortable enough now, in my fourth or so post, to admit it. I can no longer call myself a blog virgin, so I might as well bare all with the other bloggers out there.

Anyway, Starbucks. Yes. As much as possible. Which brings me to my issue...are the darn cups recyclable!?! A simple quandry. I have tried to research it, and I KNOW that they are made out of 10 per cent recycled materials, as of 2004, and I KNOW that there is a huge debate about whether this amounts to anything in the grand face of disposability...BUT - can I put my coffee cup in the recycling?

I can't find the answer anywhere. And whenever I am tempted to chuck the thing in the blue box, I have this flashback to an eco-friendly friend of mine throwing herself full force in front of the bin when someone else tried to do the same. "NO! Coffee cups are the NUMBER ONE RECLYCING CONTAMINANT! People think they are recyclable but they are NOT! Now the entire bin will be chucked in the dumpster!"

But yet I cannot find anything to back this display up. So please readers, help me out here.

Can I in good conscious chuck my tall sugar-free nonfat caramel latte cup in the garbage? What about my tall nonfat java chip frappucino light blended coffee cup? Someone direct me to a link...(and a Starbucks Anonymous support group).

(Also...do they give discounts for bringing your own cup? I really should have asked that the last time I was there...an hour ago.)

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