Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My first time...

Well hello Heebonics readers,
I figure there's no better way to begin a post than with a juicy confession, right? (and if you thought I should have typed Jewcy, I'll vom).
I am a bona virgin.

I am in love with my gmail account. I MSN with the best of them. And facebook? Please. You have never met a better creeper. But this blog thing is new territory.

To be honest, I just didn't "get" it. I have a diary. I write in it, mainly for sanity's sake. If I have a hilarious abigail-specific adventure, and you are my friend enough to care to hear it, I am sure you will get an email or a phone call, or, yes, the ever-public wall post about it. But a blog just seemed so...HEY WORLD, HERE I AM!
And most of the time, Hey-World-Here-I-Am is my middle name. I know I am being contradictory, but I guess the blog just wasn't for me. I just didn't see why potential strangers would care about the mundane goings-on of my brain or my life, because most of the time, let's be real, people's lives are mundane. That time I got an accidental free drink upsize at Starbucks? Thrilling. When I was talking to someone I wanted to impress and shoved an open peanut butter sandwich in my purse? Delightful. Oh, and I can't forget the time I had to wait for the bus. Life-affirming, let me tell you.

Beyond the mundane argument, as a journalism student, I get 'hopped up' about the debate over the line between journalist and blogger. I didn't want to enter the mix and have to start concretely defining things.

BUT - I was bribed into getting facebook, my right hand. (Well, I'm left-handed, so perhaps the wrong cliche.) I never wanted to get an email address ten years ago when Hotmail became the best thing for a grade seven since a slow dance partner who was actually your height. So who knows, maybe I will became addicted to this and you will want me to shut up.

Heebonics is a pretty sweet concept - who doesn't want to connect with Jewish peers and discuss the JUICY matters du jour in a relevant format and forum? I think if I told my grandmother I had a blog, she would hand me the yellow pages and tell me to look up an exterminator. So if becoming a blogger is the key to stepping in line with my generation of hipster Jews, maybe, just maybe, I am all for it (shout out to hipster jewfus WHAT!?).

So there you go. You, lucky, mystery reader, have been priviliged enough to read my first ever contribution to the blogosphere. Get yourself a warm cookie and a glass of chardonnay. You deserve it.

Oh - and really, the first thing I must do is get myself a better name. How about a contest? Come on people, you have nothing better to do with your time than come up with a sweet, funky, punchy, jew-related-but-not-jewcy nickname pour moi. There may or may not be prizes which may or may not involve warm cookies and chardonnay. I promise nothing.


FrumDaddy said...

I love it!

Just the kind of blog Heebonics needs!

Ella said...

You'd never know you haven't blogged're a natural! Very entertaining start!

Blintzkrieg said...

If it was permissible for me to guzzle down some Chardonnay while reading your post, Abigail, I would have downed half a bottle to celebrate your blog debut.

Then I would have peanut-buttered a single slice of toast and promptly shoved it in my wallet in solidarity. Huzzah!