Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ahh……The Golden Blintz!!!!

Like the contributors before me I too am a virgin blogger, though with this posting, I virgin blog no more. Waiting for that inspirational thought, Blintzkrieg’s photo is the muse to my ear.

The dairy wrapped entrée is a staple in my home, I’m sure in many of you blog reader’s homes as well and as I recall it’s a regularly ordered item at the United Bakers at Bathurst and Lawrence. At least it was when the Grandparents visited from Montreal, served in any number of ways, with sour cream or yogurt, fresh fruit and applesauce or topped with stocked varieties of jam.

The tradition of consuming the blintz extends well beyond the Shavuot custom. Canadian Jews of European decent fully embrace and regularly put away these mostly sweet though sometimes savory filling treats.

I say to all my blintz eating brethren…..nosh on!

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FrumDaddy said...

What's in the blintzes?

Are they kosher?